Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my dad goes to the doctor tomorrow.
I guess we will find out his chemo schedule or something. If he thinks he will be able to work thru chemo he's out of his tree.
I don't want to post much about this to my main blog because that is linked to my facebook and I have family on facebook and i don't know if really anyone is supposed to know yet.
I know these spots on my dad's liver are small but it still worries me.
He had a mass removed from his colon and NOW spots on his liver... this could just be the beginning of bad shit.
My dad is a smoker so I know that doesn't help things. My grandma (my dad's mother) passed away before she was even 60 from cancer. She had lung cancer. She was a smoker for years but had quit for at least 10 before she passed.
My dad has no intention of quitting. I mean after all his colon issues he still hasn't changed his eating habits for god's sake. You'd think he wouldn't want to have the same freakin' problems again. This is my father for ya. Stubborn and will only do what he wants to do even if it will kill him.
We've known this for years though. When he first started having issues. Kidney stones here other stuff there. Then the colon issue and he had the colostomy bag for quite a few months.
I told my mom ages ago that he'll never change and to get a nice big ole insurance policy on him cus at this rate he won't make it to old age.
Pretty fucked up huh. You'd think that someone who just had his first grandchild would want to at least stick around awhile. Maybe see the kid grow up.
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