Thursday, May 07, 2009

it's happening again

my ex has been IMing me the past few days (he's even called)
he's all wanting me to have sex with him.. he wants a whole "no strings" casual deal. and for some reason with ME.
ok let me say again I have not had sex with him since we broke up.... we've kissed, fooled around briefly but nothing major.
I just do not understand why it has to be with me. i suggested he hook up with someone random. I mean he's not a bad looking guy.
it's times like this where i wish he was like other ex's that i never hear from after we break up.
it's just so hard to get over someone when they've never really let you do it.
He's told me he still loves me (in november) not sure if it was the truth, words are easy to say.
i told him tonight i was not interested in casual no strings kind of thing and he said he had nothing more to offer me so i was like ok BYE i haven't heard from him any more tonight. I guess we shall see if he contacts me tomorrow.
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