Thursday, June 18, 2009

Every kid should learn respect

I've seen lots of kids not respect people like they should and are very very rude. yes for the most part respect is earned but in general there is a certain respect given to strangers unless you see they are jerks too.

please and thank you seem to not be taught any more. how to act in public at restaurants, shopping centers or other places in public. it's not that kids should be seen and not heard but i have seen behavior at restaurants (nice ones) that would have had my family grab us and pay for drinks and ordered food and leave before we had eaten anything. ruining other people's shopping and/or dining is NOT acceptable ( ie: screaming, running in areas that are NOT play areas or not a chuck e cheese, kicking the back of the booth, hanging over the top of the booth where others are sitting, hitting other people sitting near you, ya know stuff like that)

chew with your mouth closed
this just should be a no brainer but i've seen more and more people eat with their mouths open and it's disgusting. Of course if the adults do it do you think the kids aren't doing the same? all the kids in my life get told to shut their mouths if they are constantly doing it.

Constant loud chewing too makes me insane so that won't be happening either lol

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